Battery Care Tips

For Longer Battery Life

Battery Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips which will help you extend the life of your battery, and ensure your vehicle is always ready to start on the first try…

1. Firmly tighten vent plugs.

2. Always keep surface of the battery dry & clean.

3. Use petroleum jelly for coating terminal connections, avoid grease. This will help you to prevent salting on the terminals.

4. Always maintain acid levels as indicated in the battery to optimize the lifespan of the battery you purchased

5. If possible check your battery charging rate & your vehicle's electrical system for correct charging, at least once every three months from us/ any of the battery service stations.

Things to Remember When Purchasing a Battery

1. Ensure your current battery has failed. Sometimes, your vehicle's electrical system could have a problem. Therefore, find out the root cause of the problem.

2. Battery specifications should be matched with the specifications given by the vehicle manufacturer. It indicates the battery size that will best fit the physical dimensions of

3. Check the electrical system of your vehicle before fitting the new battery.

4. Check the cranking voltage which should be more than 9.8 volts.

5. Check the alternator charging voltage which should be between 13.8V - 14.5V.

The warranty does not cover the following areas

1. External damage to the battery

2. Any repairs done by the consumer/dealer, locally. (ex: Replacing the original cell posts)

3. Damage caused due to explosion.

4. Any alterations and additions made to the original Warranty Card.

5. Damage due to equally discharged battery cells.

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